Shin's academy has done wonders for our 6 year old son. He was so shy that Mr. Shin allowed me to take the first few classes with him so he could get more comfortable. After a few weeks of taking Taekwondo in Omaha, NE with him, our son felt comfortable enough to do it on his own. We have tried another Tai Kwon Do academy as well as soccer and have not seen results like these. Mr. Shin treated him like everyone else and has instilled a self confidence that we have never seen. This confidence has carried through in other parts of his life such as school and socializing with other kids.I highly recommend Shin's Academy. Thank you Mr. Shin and Staff! 

- J. Millard


A world without Taekwondo would be an empty world  for my children, Jaime and Jasmine King.  Going to Shin’s Martial Arts Academy reinforces all of the values that are so important in their lives, honesty, responsibility , loyalty and more.  Plus, it is just great to see them all learn an art so very valuable.

-J. King

Shin's Academy ROCKS baby!
Master Shin and his staff do a fantastic job teaching children and adults the skills of martial arts.  It has changed my son's life in regard to his focus, self-discipline, RESPECT and confidence along with teaching him to be an excellent leader among his peers. 
-D. Swerczek


"Shin's is great. I am a middle-aged, out of shape office drone and they are able to make classes both fun and challenging. If they can teach me judo, they can teach anyone." Learning Judo in Omaha, NE.

- Chris

" I started my training in January 1993 at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. I took martial art classes from Grandmaster Shin as well as UNO Martial Arts Club and finally at the main school in Omaha. Saying this, I have never looked back. It is great to know that our school has students that have been training for such long periods of time, some Instructors/Students, have been here for over 40 years! It makes me proud to belong to a tradition of quality and reverence that lives on today."

R. Elic, Assistant Instructor Hapkido 3rd dan, Judo 1st dan


Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire our students to take control of their journey to black belt and beyond! The training you receive from our experienced and certified instructors at Shin's Martial Arts harnesses the power of both traditional and modern styles, which results in the physical, mental, and spiritual development of all students. 

School History

Our school was founded in 1972 by Grandmaster Suk Ki Shin. After studying at the famous Yongin University in South Korea, Grandmaster Shin decided to come the United States to teach Judo. He later added to Taekwondo and Hapkido classes and Shin's Academy was born. Since that time, Shin's Academy has taken the lessons and teaching of the Grandmaster and promoted over 500 students to black belt. All in all, over 10,000 students from Nebraska, Arizona, Iowa and Colorado; have learned the Martial Arts from Grandmaster Shin, his family and his well qualified instructors.


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