School Owners ​& Chief Instructors

Master Steve Shin
Chief Instructor & Owner - Shin’s Academy School System
5th dan Taekwondo & 1st Judo
Master Shin is the son of our founder, Suk Ki Shin.
In addition, Master Shin has taught
curriculum Taekwondo classes at
​Creighton University and is a very accomplished martial artist.

Master Lambert Doan
Chief Instructor - Shin’s Academy School System
6th dan Hapkido & 5th dan Taekwondo
Master Doan has been with Shin's Academy for over nearly 40 years!
Not only does Master Doan instruct the next generation of martial artists
​but in his spare time, is an avid researcher and historian of the Martial Arts.

 Mr. Daniel McCallum
Chief Instructor - Denver, Colorado
4th dan Taekwondo

Mr. Jim & Anne
Chief Instructors - Carroll, Iowa
4th dan &
​3rd Dan Taekwondo

Mr. Tom Baker & Mr. Corey
Head Instructors - Jefferson​, Iowa

Other instructors with over 20 years experience:

Master Bill Johnson
Head Hapkido Instructor - Omaha, Nebraska
5th dan Hapkido
Since 1993, Master Johnson has been at Shin's Academy and
has taught university level martial art classes in Hapkido in Omaha, NE and
Self Defense at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Mr. Joe Chapuran
Asst. Head Hapkido Instructor - Omaha, Nebraska
4th dan Hapkido
Mr. Chapuran started in the late 1980's in Hapkido and has also trained in Japan.

Additional Assistant Instructors:

Scott Robertson
3rd dan Taekwondo – Omaha, Nebraska
Mr. Robertson, in addition to being a Taekwondo Instructor, is a CrossFit e

​Bob Elic
3rd dan Hapkido & 1st dan Judo – Omaha, Nebraska
Since 1993, Mr. Elic has trained in Judo in South Korea, the Ivory Coast and Hapkido in Omaha, NE.
He has competed in various Taekwondo and Judo competitions and has been taught
by World and African Judo Champions.

Junior Taekwondo Instructors
Jaime King
3rd dan Taekwondo – Omaha, Nebraska

Our Founder
Suk Ki Shin

Founder of Shin’s Academy in 1972
Graduate of the famous Yongin University (formerly Yudo College) in South Korea
​National Judo Champion of South Korea
1966 Asian Games Bronze Medalist in Judo
(Several other placings in notable international and national competitions)
For over 30 years, Grandmaster Shin served as the
Instructor of Hapkido and Taekwondo at University of Nebraska - Omaha
and Creighton University in Omaha Nebraska
​National University Taekwondo Coach (USTU)
Grandmaster Shin held the following ranks in Martial Arts:
8th dan Taekwondo
8th dan Judo
7th dan Hapkido
4th dan Kumdo

Masters and Head Instructors