The Legacy of Korean Martial Arts


Judo or as it’s called in Korea Yudo, translates into “The Gentle Way.” Although a person watching judo might say that judo is mean or violent, upon closer inspection we can see Judo’s true purpose is not to hurt the opponent but to simply submit the opponent without injury. Judo focuses on throws, sweeps and take downs as well as ground grappling techniques to submit an opponent or to earn points to win a competition. Traditional and sport Judo are similar to each other but the sport aspect has many rules limiting what techniques can be used legally during competition. Judo has been an Olympic sport since 1966 and is the most popular individual sport in the world next to track and field. Our program consists of learning sport and traditional Judo techniques. Most Judo techniques are throws, sweeps, chokes, arm bar and rolling movements. We ensure all students learn proper throwing and falling techniques and offer judo sparring every week.(Note: In the picture above, Suk Ki Shin, the Founder of Shin's Academy, demonstrates a one arm shoulder throw.) To learn more about Judo in Omaha, NE from Shin's Academy, please contact us anytime!
Hapkido, the “Way of Coordinated Power”, is a unique blend of Japanese and Korean martial arts. Beginning with its roots in Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu; Hapkido was brought to Korea by Choi Yong-Sool and blended with Korean traditional Martial Arts to form a new art. This art combines various techniques that concentrate on using minimum force with maximum effectiveness. Some of the techniques used are: punching,kicking, sweeps, throws, pressure points, ground techniques and various other techniques used to submit an opponent or simply restrain someone from doing harm. Notably, Hapkido was used by the Green Berets in Vietnam and has since become an effective self-defense fighting art practiced the world over. ​ Hapkido at Shin’s Academy is a blend of the old and the new. Classes are varied, however the basics are stressed such as punching, kicking, wrist locks/joint locks, throws and sweeps along with our belt rank techniques. Included with the structural elements we often learn ground fighting, real world self defense, defense against weapons and other self defense techniques and skills. Our sparring includes light standing, ground fighting and complete Hapkido sparring ,which is a combination of both, standing and ground fighting (in a controlled fashion).Shin's Academy is the longest running school for Hapkido in Omaha, NE! Contact us today!



Taekwondo, (which translates into the “Art of the Hand and Foot”) for example, mainly uses the hands and feet for self defense. With roots in Taekyon, (a traditional kicking Korean Martial Art) the Taekwondo practitioner uses striking techniques focused on power and speed to defend one’s self. Forms, “Poomse” in Korean, are patterns using these techniques in a controlled fashion in order to hone the skills of the individual. By practicing these patterns, a Taekwondo practitioner can start as a beginner and develop into a master of these skills.Today, Taekwondo is practiced all over the world, with many students practicing Olympic style Taekwondo which can be used in local, national and world level competitions.At Shin’s Academy, we teach forms for each belt level along with one step sparring techniques for self defense applications. Classes consist of warm up exercises,kicking and punching drills, forms, one step sparring and light contact sparring against opponents. Contact us to learn more about Taekwondo in Omaha, NE at Shin's Academy.
Taekwondo, Hapkido and Judo (Yudo in Korean) are three wonderful Martial Arts that were influenced or have their origins in Korea.For over 2000 years, Korea has developed several Martial Arts used for military purposes, sport and self-defense. Each Martial Art is unique and contains various movements,patterns and techniques.